Graphic showing how changing the amount of fluorine results in larger structural vibrations

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Schematic of ordered pairwise distances being combined with composition and earth mover's distance to quantify similarity between materials.

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Image showing how both pressure and fluoride doping cause half-metallic behaviour in niobium oxyfluorides

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Section of lattice parameter variation graph showing negative thermal expansion.

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Distribution of anomalous site within the crystal lattice

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Selection of current atomic structure descriptors

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Trimeron local ordering

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CaFe3O5 crystal structure

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TiOF single crystal diffraction

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Graph showing thermal expansion

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Ellipsoidal Polyhedron description

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A lattice structure of an iron-containing mineral

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A set of graphs from the Hyperfine Interactions paper

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Table of contents image for the Chemical Communications paper

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Chemical and magnetic structure of several materials

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Figure from the Physical Review B paper

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