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We are an academic research group focussed on discovering new solid-state materials with useful properties including magnetism, electronic/ionic conduction and phase transitions. We combine experimental synthesis, physical characterisation and data-driven (machine learning) approaches. Our current interests include mixed anion materials and the relationship between atomic structure and physical properties.


Fully funded PhD opportunity

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We are hiring! If you are interested in joining the group to study local disorder in crystalline inorganic materials, please get in touch. More details can be found on FindAPhD.

AI4SD Talk

Cartoon of researcher doing machine learning on large imperfect crystals

James gave a talk about recent machine learning work within the group at the recent AI4SD conference, and even got captured in cartoon form by ErrantScience!

UK IC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

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If you're an early career researcher (ECR) looking for a postdoctoral fellowship, and are interested in machine-driven materials discovery and/or synthesis please get in touch as we would love to work with you! More details available on the RAEng website; deadline 19th April.

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